The Lady & Sons, Paula Deen’s restaurant in historic Savannah, serves more than just great food. Several evenings a week it is also home to Hard Hearted Hannah’s Playhouse. If you plan to visit Savannah mid-week, consider an evening of good food and great fun.

Hard Hearted Hannah’s Dinner Theatre at The Lady & Sons, in historic Savannah.

The Dinner Theatre is located in the basement of The Lady & Sons Tuesday through Thursday evenings. There guests enjoy a buffet-style dinner of tasty southern food while watching the production of the season.

“There’s a Bomb on Trolley 409!” plays at Hard Hearted Hannah’s Playhouse through September 29, 2011. It is billed as “an explosive comedy about the worst tour of Savannah, guaranteed.” Guests are sure to learn some quirky facts about Savannah as they feast and laugh.

The Lady & Sons is a short walk from all three of our Savannah GA vacation rentals. Whether you’re staying in one of our Savannah vacation rentals while in town for business or pleasure, you’ll enjoy an evening at Hard Hearted Hannah’s Playhouse.

For more information or to purchase advance tickets, please visit Hard Hearted Hannah’s Playhouse.