Weddings traditionally take place on weekends. This is understandable, given that the majority of people work Monday through Friday, and it’s easier for guests to attend if they don’t have to miss any work. Indeed, the bride and groom themselves can work before a weekend wedding.

Yet there are good reasons to break out of the traditional weekend wedding mold, especially if you’re having a Destination Wedding.

It may be easier to book musicians and caterers for your midweek Savannah wedding.

1. Midweek travel is often more affordable. Discounts at our luxury Savannah Guest Homes are available Sunday through Thursday. Lodging discounts may greatly reduce the overall cost of a Savannah Destination Wedding.

2. Don’t even try to work. In truth, no one close to the bride and groom gets much work done the week prior to the nuptials; everyone is too caught up with last minute details and pre-wedding socializing. There’s the bachelor party, the bachelorette party, and so forth. There are last minute dress-fittings, and appointments for hair and nails. There’s maybe even some drama. It’s all part of the big day.

3. Have a weekend for last minute details. If you get married in the middle of the week, there is plenty of time to take care of last minute details (see #2) the weekend before your nuptials.

Giving up a few days of work may seem a lot to ask of friends and family, and it is; but it may actually be for the best. Most Destination Weddings tend to be small, with the bride and groom and only their very closest friends and family in attendance. These are the people in your life who will want to take a few days off work to stand by your side as you say “I do”.

Make your relationship special from the outset. Have a Destination Wedding at one of our luxury Savannah Vacation Homes during the week.

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