These days it feels like most of us are on a pretty tight budget, even for big events like your wedding.

One way to cut some of the price without cutting all the corners off your cake is to have a mid week wedding. Here at Savannah Villas, we offer discounted rates if you book your wedding, reception or party here Sunday through Thursday.

Perhaps budget is not your main motivation for a mid week wedding. Maybe you have special date in mind, like the anniversary of your first meeting, or your grandparent’s anniversary. Military deployments could also be a reason for a mid-week wedding.

Perhaps you are considering a destination wedding. Turn a midweek wedding into luxurious three- or four-day event, with

The Historic District of Savannah is lined with beautiful homes like this one.

The Historic District of Savannah is lined with beautiful homes like this one.

brunch, outings and activities. Save money on the main event for a fun vacation with the people you love the most!

Of course, some couples may have different priorities. Older couples, who are perhaps on their second marriage, have already done the big dress, big reception, Saturday night wedding. Saving money on a wedding leaves funds available for a great honeymoon!

Other couples are using the midweek wedding as a way to cull large guest lists. A weekday wedding can offer an alternative that is cost efficient and polite. You might feel obligated to invite a large amount of extended family, but, with a midweek wedding, you are assured that some folks will return their invitation saying, “sorry, we can’t make it.”

Whether you choose a mid week wedding or a traditional weekend timing, we would love to be your Savannah GA wedding venue! We have lodging on-site for just the couple or up to 26 people. Our vacation rentals are located in the Historic District of Savannah, which means you are steps away from shops, restaurants and more. Give us a call at (912) 232-6633 to inquire about our discounted rates for weddings and other events scheduled for Sunday through Thursday.