Looking for a great way to spend your weekend in Savannah? Here is a personal top 10 list of wonderful places to visit, shows to see and food to eat while in our beautiful city.

1. Historic District of Savannah

Take in the beautiful neighborhood and historic architecture by foot or on a tour bus. Picnic or enjoy a cool drink in one of the 24 well manicured and landscaped parks. There are always plenty of other people walking around, so you can feel safe in this area. The best part: our vacation villas are in the heart of the historic district!

2. Historic Savannah Theater

Historic Savannah Theater. Photo by Brian Brown.

Historic Savannah Theater. Photo by Brian Brown.

This facility hosts the only Broadway-style professional live show in Savannah that runs all year long.  The show features a 5 piece live band, cast of singers, dancers, and actors that perform popular music in themed shows such as “Beat Goes On” (60’s, 70’s, and 80’s music, currently running), “Southern Nights” (a musical variety of pop and southern rock), “Broadway on Bull Street” (well-known Broadway songs) and “A Christmas Tradition” (holiday standards, comedy, and Santa). Head here for a matinee to avoid a hot afternoon, or attend an evening show the whole family can enjoy.

3. Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

This is the oldest Roman Catholic church in Georgia, with the first stones being laid in the late 18th century. This summer, work is being done to the exterior of the church, but it is still magnificent. The interior design is full of European style detailing and a mesmerizing pipe organ. The best part: the Cathedral is only a half mile from our rental home on West Liberty street.

4. Mickve Israel Temple

Take a $5 tour and learn more than you ever expected about the Jewish community and history in Savannah. See the oldest Torah in the U.S. and enjoy the beautiful temple. The current building is from the 19th century, but the small museum on the second floor gives you an overview of the original immigrants of the 18th century who arrived with General Oglethorpe. Only a third mile from the vacation villas.

Come back soon to see the rest of our Top Ten Savannah List!