The Savannah Harbor Foundation's 13th Annual Gingerbread Village and Competition

The 13th Annual Savannah Gingerbread Village and Competition
Nov 23-Dec 30, 2013

Presented by the Savannah Harbor Foundation, the 13th Annual Gingerbread Village and Competition is a wonderful holiday display of gingerbread and candy construction you will not want to miss.

Collected together and arranged to form a whimsical, edible, and deliciously beautiful candy tableau, this year’s entrees for the 13th Annual Gingerbread Village and Competition are a collective sight to behold.

Each year, the Savannah Harbor Foundation offers both professional and amateur chefs the chance to compete in the Gingerbread Village competition. Hundreds of contestants strive to create something out of gingerbread and candy that is both beautiful and creative enough to catch the eye of the judges in one of two categories – adult and student. Prizes of up to $1,500 in cash awards are given out to four winners in each category. The competition is open to the public and the resulting submissions range between the delightfully cute and the startlingly sublime.

Judging takes place before the display is opened to the public but, thereafter, the collected crowd of crunchy culinary creations are assembled into a fantasy, holiday village for your perusal.

Thousands come from all over the US every year to view this incredible, edible, one of a kind display and to cast their own votes for the People’s Choice Awards! Make your own determination as to who the winners should be! Do you agree with the judges or did they miss the boat? You decide.

The Savannah Harbor Foundation’s 13th Annual Gingerbread Village and Competition

Nov 23-Dec 30, 2013
Please visit for directions and more information.

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