Skidaway Island State ParkSkidaway Island State Park, near historic Savannah, Georgia offers a host of fun outdoor activities – hiking, biking, birding, and more – on Georgia’s intracoastal waterway.

Skidaway Island borders the Skidaway narrows, hosting intracoastal habitats for deer, fiddler crabs, raccoon, egrets, alligators, and other wildlife. The Skidaway Island State Park Interpretive Center and Museum holds a wealth of information on these native species – both plant and animal – as well as the history of the island. Birders will love the reference books, binoculars, and a window for spotting rare, migrating species of birds. Kids will love the 20-foot, giant ground sloth replica and a chance to meet the inhabitants of the reptile room.

Outside Skidaway Island State Park’s Interpretive Center and Museum, live oaks and Spanish moss shade picnic areas. A long boardwalk and observation tower give the curious ample opportunity for a better look at the natural beauty of the surrounding area and numerous trails wind through the island’s maritime forest and salt marshes. Alphabetized signs explain points of interest you’ll see along all the trails.

Sandpiper Trail Loop is an hour-long, one-mile loop that will take you over salt flats, tidal creeks, and maritime forests on island hammocks. Look for information on salt flats, fiddler crabs, and Confederate earthworks left over from the Civil War.

Big Ferry Trail can be walked as a two or three-mile loop, depending on if you want to include the Civil War earthworks loop. Other attractions are shell middens left by early native people, the old, abandoned liquor still from prohibition times, and the alligator ponds.

The Avian Loop Trail is a one-mile loop that takes you to the intracoastal waterway where you may catch a glimpse of osprey or even a dolphin! Avian Loop Trail includes views of the largest tidal creek in the park, a great place to witness the force and speed of the tides at work.

If you visit Connector Trail in summer, you may see a yellow blanket of baldderwort covering the freshwater slough. Bladderwort is a carnivorous plant that traps and digests mosquito larvae and other tiny creatures in their underwater bladders. You may also spot an alligator or two!

For further information about this amazing intracoastal waterway park, please visit the Skidaway Island State Park website.

Lodging near Skidaway Island State Park
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