Savannah's Cathedral of Saint John the BaptistIf your sight-seeing time in Savannah is limited, or you’re looking for a good place to start, The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is a good bet for your first priority.

Savannah’s Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is a favorite place for photographers to visit – both for the historic edifice’s splendor as well as the challenge of timing the shot for light and the ubiquitous visitors. Inside and out, this French Gothic-style cathedral is awe-inspiring with craftsmanship that stood out even when it was first constructed; a time when such incredible architectural details were not quite as rare as they are today.

Mother Church for the Roman Catholic Diocese in Savannah, The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist as completed in 1896 after 23 years (!) of construction. This date makes the cathedral the oldest Roman Catholic church in Georgia.

Soaring, whitewashed European-style architecture, twin spires, and the ornate interior details like the four, white Italian marble side altars put The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist firmly into the classic French Gothic style. Interestingly, the spires and color are “new.” Stucco and whitewash cover the original red brick exterior of the cathedral and the spires were added for greater stature and majesty in 1896.

One of the best details in Savannah’s Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, after the cathedral itself, of course, is the restored Noack tracker pipe organ, installed in 1987. Made of solid white oak and black walnut, this classic organ has 34 ranks and 2,308 pipes – the sound, if you get a chance to hear it, is as voluminous, amazing, and all-encompassing as you might imagine.

Outside of a fire in 1898 that left only the outside walls and the two spires standing, only superficial and structural restoration have been made to the cathedral, meaning the classic look of one of the most awe-inspiring buildings in all of Savannah is not only striking but also historically genuine.

The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

222 East Harris Street, Savannah, Georgia
Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm

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