Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival 2016 Come out to Savannah’s Forsyth Park October 30th, 2016 and enjoy the 28th annual Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival!

One can be forgiven for being more than a little surprised by a Jewish food festival being held in a town so iconically southern as Savannah. It’s likely also a surprise to learn that Jews have been here since the 1730’s. That this is America’s third oldest Jewish community. That, at one time, Jews made up 35% of Savannah’s population!

Perhaps most surprising is how seamlessly Savannah’s Jewish community was integrated into the city. They were welcomed at a time when alcohol, slavery, Catholicism, and lawyers were not! Consequently, Congregation Mickve Israel’s synagogue is right there on Bull Street with the Oglethorpe Club, the Mercer House, and many other famous Savannah locales.

Congregation Mickve Israel holds their annual Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival on the last Sunday of each October. The event, which started out as a small fundraiser, has become one of the city’s most popular food festivals, regularly attracting 10,000 attendees.

Once you smell all of the wonderful food, you will know why.

Corned beef, pastrami, tongue sandwiches, potato latkes, homemade blintzes and challah, hummus and pita, kosher hot dogs, noodle kugel, sizzling Sephardic lamb, stuffed cabbage, and more.

Along with all the amazing food, Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival provides entertainment in the form of music and dance. Plus booths with various gifts and goods for sale.

There is no admission fee to enter the festival. Food tickets are sold in advance at the Mickve Israel temple office and at the event.

So there you are. A Jewish food festival in Savannah isn’t odd as much as it is a tradition. Another reason why Savannah is one of America’s greatest cities. Come celebrate the history and culture of this vibrant Southern community and enjoy a taste of ethnic Jewish cuisine and entertainment.

Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival

October 30th, 2016, 11am to 3pm
Forsyth Park, Savanna, GA

For more information, go to

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