Savannah Walking Tour of the Landmark Historic District’s East SideCome learn how preservation can renew and revitalize on a Savannah walking tour of the Historic District’s east side. April 1, 8, 15, and 29, 2017. What better way to learn about one of America’s oldest and most beautiful cities than with a guided walking tour?

Savannah’s Landmark Historic District preserves the original city plan, as laid out by James Oglethorpe in 1733. Designated in 1966, it remains one of the largest historic preservation areas ever established in the United States.

Oglethorpe’s system of wards was a unique plan. Each ward included 40 lots for houses and 4 larger lots set aside for public and civic buildings. All these lots were arranged around a central square. Most of these squares are now small, beautiful parks.

This plan provided equal sized lots for houses, spaces for communal and government buildings, and defense (the internal squares) for what was then a frontier colony. Under this unique system, a new ward and square could be easily added to the city plan when needed. Oglethorpe’s plan was a success. It guided the growth of Savannah for over 100 years!

Savannah is one of the only American cities laid out this way. The plan’s long-term successful adoption makes it truly fascinating and unique. Since Oglethorpe’s day, the wards have evolved very different characters from what he first envisioned. Many of the squares are now surrounded by the grandest homes and buildings. Others that were once bustling business districts are now quiet residential streets.

Now you can discover one of Savannah’s oldest neighborhoods and how preserving its past made its future brighter!

Savannah Walking Tour of the Historic District’s East Side

April 1, 8, 15 or 29, 2017 – 8 am – 100 minutes
These approximately 100 minute tours are led by the Davenport House director, who will introduce the personalities, structures, and issues that have enthralled Savannah’s preservation movement. Coffee and treats in the Davenport House garden will follow the 2.3-mile Early Bird Walking Tour of the Landmark Historic District’s East Side.
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