Tybee Mardi Gras 2018New Orleans may be hours away but it will feel like the Big Easy right here in Savannah on March 2, 2019.

Mardi Gras is not just a New Orleans holiday – it is celebrated all over the world. Though the festival dates back thousands of years to Roman fertility rituals, the celebration has evolved. It is now primarily a Catholic event held every year between The Epiphany and Ash Wednesday.

The festival is also known as Shrove Tuesday and Fat Tuesday. In fact, “Mardi Gras” is French for Fat Tuesday. The day is so named because it is the last day before the Lent, a somber, 40 day period when many Christians fast or give up certain luxuries. Fat Tuesday, then – Mardi Gras – is one last night of revelry and richer, fatty foods before the Lenten season.

You don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy Mardi Gras, however! People of all nations and religions celebrate Mardi Gras. It was first celebrated on our shores by French soldiers, in 1703, in what was to become Mobile, Alabama. Mardi Gras is very popular in the US, especially New Orleans. The state of Louisiana has even decreed Mardi Gras a legal holiday!

Tybee Island has been holding Mardie Gras celebrations – Tybee Mardi Gras – since 2008. Tybee Island’s unique character and fun-loving populace make the Mardi Gras festivities a natural fit.

Tybee Mardi Gras is a traditional but also family-friendly event. The Tybee Mardi Gras Parade takes place at 2pm and features all the outlandish floats, elaborate masks, and colorful clothes you’d expect. There will be “throws,” too: strings of beads, toys, and more. The parade route runs down Butler Avenue from Memorial Park to the Tybrisa roundabout.

After the parade comes the Tybee Mardi Gras Street Party until 6pm with lots of food, drink, and live entertainment.

Tybee Island is just 18 miles outside of Savannah and a popular spot for beach parties, dining, shopping, and festivals year ’round. Traffic can be heavy on the island during popular events like Tybee Mardi Gras, however. Arrive early to avoid the traffic and consider taking a taxi to avoid the otherwise inevitable parking spot hunt.

Tybee Mardi Gras 2018 – click here for 2019 info

12pm to 6pm, February 10, 2018
Tybee Island, GA
Read more about Tybee Mardi Gras 2018 online at tybeeisland.com. You can also follow the event on Facebook.

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