Lights, Camera, Action! Touring Savannah Movie Locations

Touring Savannah Movie Locations

Bonaventure Cemetery is just one of many
Savannah locations seen in feature films.

Have you ever come around a corner and realized that you’re looking at a famous movie location? It’s a common phenomenon in Savannah. With more than 50 movies filmed here, Savannah movie locations are everywhere!

Savannah, GA is one of those beautiful American cities that turns up in lots of Hollywood movies. So many, in fact, that touring Savannah movie locations is not just an idea, it’s an industry! There are a great many Savannah tour companies that offer tours of or even specialize in touring Savannah movie locations. (more…)

Savannah’s Historic Squares – Part 2

Savannah's Historic SquaresIn our previous post, we talked about the first 12 of Savannah’s Historic Squares. Here, we will continue the history of these beautiful and interesting open spaces.

All of Savannah’s squares are a part of the historic district and surrounded by some of the city’s most beautiful and iconic architecture, including churches, homes, museums – and huge, live oak trees. (more…)