Looking for a Cheap Family Getaway? Try Mid-Week

These days, most families in America are a little strapped for cash. Often times, the annual family vacation is one of the first ‘luxuries’ to go by the wayside. However, we have an alternative suggestion: Schedule the traditional family vacation for Sunday through Thursday and save a bundle on everything from lodging to entertainment.

Our Savannah vacation rental houses offer discounted rates when you visit from mid-week. Plus, all kinds of other benefits appear for the budget-minded traveler mid-week, like less crowded restaurants and attractions. Entertainment, like theater and live music, is usually more affordable on a weekday. All kinds of places, from amusement parks to bars and restaurants, offer ‘two-for-one Tuesdays’ and the like.

Our mid-week rates last all summer long. So if you are a teacher or administrator, take advantage of your long summer break to plan a getaway with your children, family or friends.

Retirees: Explore Savannah mid-week. Avoid crowds and enjoy discounts!

Retirees: Explore Savannah mid-week. Avoid crowds and enjoy discounts!

Mid-week rates are also a great option for retirees. America’s largest generation, the Baby Boomers, are entering retirement age as of this year. Save some of your hard earned money during your golden years by doing your traveling mid-week.

Get the whole family together this summer for a reunion in Savannah! We are offering great deals on luxurious lodging in the Historic District. Savannah is full of museums, dining, entertainment and scenic walks. It is a great place to bring the generations together. Plus, our vacation rentals are very spacious and fully furnished. We can sleep over 20 people! A large kitchen makes it fun for family to cook big meals together. Courtyards are safe, fun places for children to play. We also have elevators throughout, so our properties are easily accessible for aging grandparents or anyone that doesn’t want to fight the stairs!

Contact us today to book your family reunion at Savannah Villas!


Business Travel Savannah

Our Savannah Vacation Rentals are ideal lodging choices for business travel and corporate retreats. All are located within walking distance from the many attractions and amenities of Savannah’s historic district. All have fully equipped kitchens, dining tables, and comfortable parlors in which to meet. Whether you are traveling for business purposes with your family, or traveling with colleagues for meetings or a corporate retreat, you’ll be comfortable in our Savannah Vacation Rentals

The grand Savannah Vacation Rental at 109 West sleeps up to 26 people. It may be rented as one property, or divided into three separate units: the main house, the garden unit, and the carriage house. 109 West is a wonderful choice for corporate retreats, for there is both ample meeting space and ample privacy. In addition, each bedroom in the main house has a private bathroom.

Business travelers have made the following comments on TripAdvisor about our Savannah Vacation rental at 109 West:

Our Savannah Vacation Rentals are ideal for business travel.

  • “Don’t be apprehensive about too much togetherness or a lack of privacy. Those are non-issues at 109 West.”
  • “It exceeded every expectation we had.”
  • “We stayed here for a business forum retreat and this place was spectacular!”
  • “We have held our Executive Board Retreat and Planning Session at 109 West now for 3 years running. … We build teamwork by cooking our own breakfast in the well furnished kitchens.”
  • “Our company rented the entire property @ 109 West, which worked out wonderfully for our company wide sales meeting…. Convenient to other business meetings, as well as downtown Savannah.”
  • “We had 10 participants and everyone had their own living quarters…. We were able to conduct our meeting in the garden level living area. Being able to conduct team building and presentations without leaving the facility assisted with that aspect of the meeting.”
  • “It was the perfect place for our guests to enjoy their stay as well as conduct our daily business meetings…. This property exceeded our best expectations and receives a hearty “must try” for all.

Business travelers often stay in hotels, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it is a missed opportunity. Sharing a living space is a team-building exercise in and of itself. Living under one roof requires give and take, even with simple things like making coffee in the morning and washing the glasses at the end of the day. The Savannah Vacation Rental at 109 West allows for many of these simple team-building exercises. At the same time, it is spacious enough that colleagues will each have their own space and feel comfortable.

Consider the property at 109 West the next time your business takes you to Savannah. Contact us to learn about midweek discounts – you’ll find this Savannah Vacation Home is a great value for the money.