Discover the Top 15 Savannah Restaurants

Top 15 Savannah RestaurantsThere are many reasons to come to Savannah, not the least of which are the large number of excellent restaurants in town. But where to eat? We hope our list of the Top 15 Savannah restaurants will help you to decide!

Choosing the top 15 Savannah restaurants is no easy task, with so many excellent eateries in town. Our list is based upon diner-ratings from a number of sources, including the internet, guests, and our own experiences.

Of course, any list purporting to be the Top 15 Savannah restaurants is bound to be subjective, miss someone’s favorite, etc. As such, we’ve decided to list our selection of the Top 15 Savannah restaurants alphabetically, rather than by “best to worst”. The idea being that, regardless whom might be argued for as best, it can be agreed that all the Savannah restaurants on the list qualify as highly rated and worth a visit! (more…)

Savannah’s Olde Pink House

Olde Pink HouseThe James Habersham House, more commonly known as Savannah’s Olde Pink House because of the pink stucco that covers its exterior bricks, has a long and fascinating history.

Located in Savannah’s Historic District – but of course! the mansion predates the formation of the United States, after all – the Olde Pink House faces Reynolds Square. It was built in the British colony of Georgia in the late 1700’s by merchant, statesman, and loyalist James Habersham (1712 – 1775). (more…)