Savannah’s Historic Squares – Part 2

Savannah's Historic SquaresIn our previous post, we talked about the first 12 of Savannah’s Historic Squares. Here, we will continue the history of these beautiful and interesting open spaces.

All of Savannah’s squares are a part of the historic district and surrounded by some of the city’s most beautiful and iconic architecture, including churches, homes, museums – and huge, live oak trees. (more…)

Savannah Weddings in a Square

There are countless venues ideal for Savannah weddings, including our own Savannah Vacation Rental at 109 West Liberty Street. Yet if you recently said “yes” and want to share your happiness with most everyone you know, you may need a large venue. January is a good time to plan Savannah outdoor weddings set for spring, summer, or fall. May we suggest a historic Savannah square?

Pulaski Square

Pulaski Square

Several historic squares are located within walking distance of our three Savannah Vacation Rentals. The grand home at 109 West Liberty Street, which comfortably houses up to 26 guests, is just a few blocks from Pulaski Square, Madison Square, Chippewa Square and Orleans Square (which is still lovely in spite of its proximity to the Savannah Civic Center). (more…)