Visit Savannah’s Squares – Part 1

Savannah's SquaresSavannah, Georgia is known for its lush beauty with moss-draped live oaks, palmetto, and magnolia ornamenting streets and squares across the city. Savannah’s Squares play an important role in the historic city’s enduring reputation for elegance – but where are they and why are they there?

Savannah was initially laid out in 1733 on a grid of four “wards” – open squares surrounded by eight blocks of mixed residential, commercial, and civic use buildings. These central, open squares were originally meant as space for military exercises, very similar to military camps, which makes sense as it was all part of the “Oglethorpe Plan,” as proposed by … General James Oglethorpe. (more…)

Savannah’s Olde Pink House

Olde Pink HouseThe James Habersham House, more commonly known as Savannah’s Olde Pink House because of the pink stucco that covers its exterior bricks, has a long and fascinating history.

Located in Savannah’s Historic District – but of course! the mansion predates the formation of the United States, after all – the Olde Pink House faces Reynolds Square. It was built in the British colony of Georgia in the late 1700’s by merchant, statesman, and loyalist James Habersham (1712 – 1775). (more…)