Savannah by Segway

Segways aren’t for everyone. They require coordination, the ability to stand for the duration of the trip, and enough agility to go up and down stairs without a handrail.

That said, Segways are fun. You may not want to keep one at home, but why not tour Savannah by Segway?

Bonaventure Cemetery - Savannah, GA

Picture yourself gliding down this path on a Segway.

Allow yourself thirty minutes to watch a safety video, get fitted for a helmet, and become acquainted with the machine. That’s all you need before spending an hour or a day on a Segway in Savannah. This can be a fun addition to a stay at one of our Savannah Vacation Homes.

Take a guided Segway tour of Bonaventure Cemetery or simply rent one and explore town on your own. Segway tours can be incorporated into a Corporate Retreat (team building exercise!) or a family reunion. Just imagine your boss or Cousin Bob on a Segway. Whee!

Most of us probably won’t incorporate Segways into our daily routine. That makes them that much more fun during vacations.

Additional information may be found at Segway of Savannah.

Learn more about our Savannah lodging at Savannah Vacation Homes.

Fort Pulaski National Monument

Fort Pulaski Savannah

Fort Pulaski

Fort Pulaski National Monument is rich in history and contemporary outdoor recreation. It’s a wonderful place for guests of our Savannah Vacation Homes to visit.

Fort Pulaski has had many jobs over the years. It was originally constructed in the early 1830s to protect the Port of Savannah from foreign invasion. During the Civil War, Fort Pulaski was home to both Confederate and Union troops. It was the final stop on the Underground Railroad before emancipation on nearby Cockspur Island. Later, the fort served as a military and political prison.

Tours of Pulaski National Monument are given twice daily and last approximately an hour. Visitors learn about Civil War technology, life at the fort, and the Battle for Fort Pulaski of 1862.

In addition to learning about the history of the place, visitors can spend many peaceful hours enjoying its natural setting. Trails lead along marshes, through the fort’s original construction village, and around Fort Pulaski. Views of the Cockspur Island Lighthouse, the Savannah River, and the fort itself are unparalleled.

There are also many interpretive programs at Fort Pulaski. Visitors may tour the lighthouse, learn about Musket Firing, and see a cannon fired. Special events, such as guided boat trips around the island, take place from time to time.

If time permits during your stay at our Savannah Vacation Rentals, visit Fort Pulaski National Monument.

Savannah Spa Getaway

spas Savannah

Come to Savannah for a luxurious Destination Spa getaway.

There is something sinfully luxurious about a spa. Put everything on hold for few hours in the middle of the day, simply in order to be massaged, buffed, soaked, and otherwise pampered? Preposterous! Sign me up!

If it’s been too long since your last spa day, treat yourself to a Spa Day in Savannah. Better yet, a few spa days. Call your closest girlfriends, your mother, your sisters, your daughters. Find a few days when you can all slip away to Savannah and pamper yourselves in peace.

Stay in one of our luxurious Savannah Vacation Homes in the Historic District. The Mary O’Connor House sleeps 6 -8 people. The Broughton Street House sleeps 6 and the Broughton Street Carriage House sleeps 4–they may be rented together or separately. If you have enough friends and relations, consider staying in the magnificent home at 109 West Liberty Street; with the Garden Suite and the Carriage House, it sleeps 26 people quite comfortably.

The Savannah Day Spa is a grand Destination Spa on Oglethorpe Avenue, just a few blocks from our Savannah Vacation Homes, in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District. Savannah Day Spa offers everything from massages to nail care, waxing, and facials. Spend a few hours or a full day there, being pampered from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

A Destination Spa getaway in Savannah may be the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Spend a few days at one of our luxurious Savannah Vacation Homes and the Savannah Day Spa. After all, moms deserve to be pampered.


Summer Weddings in Savannah

Summer weddings in Savannah… so enchanting.

Savannah Vacation Homes and Destination Weddings

The courtyard of our Savannah Vacation Rental perfect for summer receptions.

Savannah draws brides and grooms from all over the country. It is a magnificent city for a Destination Wedding, thanks to it’s stately architecture and lovingly maintained historic squares. This is true any time of year, winter through summer.

Our Savannah Vacation Home at 109 West is an ideal choice for Destination Weddings that include family and close friends. The grand, historic home comfortably sleeps 26 people in ten bedrooms, two sleeper sofas, and one trundle bed. The property has large common areas and three separate lodging units–the Main House, the Garden Suite, and the Carriage House. In addition, the Main House features a Pent House that is very private, (it is accessed through the Main House). As a result, this Savannah Vacation Home provides an ample amount of both privacy and togetherness.

Many marriage ceremonies have been held at 109 West House, and even more rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions. Local caterers know the kitchens well (we will happily recommend caterers if you like). The property is elegantly and comfortably furnished. You may not want to leave.

If you’re thinking of getting married this summer, consider having a Destination Wedding in Savannah. Invite the closest members of your families and your dearest friends. Make it a special event for you all.

A Touch of Paris in Savannah

selling time

Find treasures from the Marche aux Puces at The Paris Market in Savannah.

If you were thinking of traveling to Paris this spring, think again. It may be better to travel to Savannah, Georgia instead. Unbeknownst to many, there is a touch of Paris in Savannah.

The Paris Market & Brocante is located at 36 West Broughton Street, within walking distance from all three of our Savannah Vacation Rentals. Once you open the antique front door, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Paris. Once you move away from the door, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to some of the most magnificent markets in the world.

Oweners Paula and Tara Danyluk scour the world for treasures. They comb the intoxicating bazaars of Cairo, Alexandria, and India. They visit London wharfs and the flea markets of Hungary and Holland. They don’t hesitate to explore unchartered territory. Yet they return, time and time again, to the place that started it all, the Marche aux Puces in Paris.

If ever you have free time during your stay in our Savannah Vacation Rental Homes, wander over to The Paris Market and Brocante. Look at their fabulous collection of lights and their colorful pillows and bedding. Admire the diverse assortment of jewelry that reflects where it was found. Check out the vintage treasures.

Never a dull moment in The Paris Market. See for yourself.


Savannah Ghost Tours

Savannah Vacation Rentals and ghost tours

Discover the rich, and sometimes eerie, history of Savannah.

Savannah repeatedly makes the top ten list for the most haunted city in America. It’s easy to understand why. The city is filled with antebellum architecture and gothic mansions, cemeteries filled with funerary statues, and beautiful, eerie, hanging Spanish moss. Savannah also has a long, rich history. Ghost stories are bound to follow.

Several companies in Savannah offer ghost tours: Blue Orb Tours, Sixth Sense Savannah, Ghosts & Gravestones. Tours leave after dark, and explore some of the more “haunted” areas of the historic district. These tours tend to be entertaining and informative.

Our Savannah Vacation Homes are located in the historic district. Learn more about the area you’re staying in. Have fun, and remember to take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

Tall Ships Sail to Savannah

On Thursday, May 3, 2012, historic Tall Ships will sail into Savannah’s Riverfront. It will be a memorable experience for everyone fortunate enough to be there.

The Tall Ships will be open for viewing and touring Friday May 4 through Sunday, May 6. Many fun activities are planned, including the singing of Sea Shanties, Stilt Walkers, Story Telling, and Pirate Raids. A high point of the whole weekend (for those of us stuck on land) will come Monday, May 7, when the ships leave port in a fabulous Parade of Sail.

Several of the Tall Ships will motor up the Savannah River during their stay, taking some lucky passengers with them. These sailings are scheduled to take place several times a day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is sure to be a thrilling experience.

As of now, 14 Tall Ships are scheduled to be in Savannah in early May. They were built in France, Nova Scotia, England, and the United States. Some were built to fight, some were built to be in the movies. All are beautiful to behold, especially when under sail.

Guests of our Savannah Vacation Homes will see the Tall Ships sail into Savannah. As of this writing, there is still availability for May 6 and 7, 2012. Take the opportunity, and come watch the Tall Ship Parade of Sail.

More information about the Tall Ships is available at Savannah Tall Ships. More information about our Savannah Vacation Rentals is available at Savannah Villas.

Visit SCAD

SCAD Trustees Theater 2

The SCAD Theater, in Savannah.

Each spring, thousands of high school juniors and their parents visit colleges and universities. They trek across their home states and voyage into neighboring states. Some will board planes and visit universities on opposite coasts. It is an exciting time.

Both the parents and their teenage children are doing research. Parents want to know if the schools are academically challenging and safe. Teens want to know lots of things. Does the school offer programs in what they want to study? What are the students like? And so on, and so on.

The Savannah College of Art and Design is not meant for every student. For some, however, it would be hard to find a better match. SCAD has outstanding programs in design, fashion, and digital media. Students can study architectural history or furniture design at the School of Building Arts. They can study writing, cinema, liberal arts and teaching at the School of Liberal Arts. And so much more.

While online research is valuable, there is nothing quite like a campus visit to get a feel for a place. SCAD offers tours to prospective students daily, except Sundays. Admissions counseling is available Monday through Friday. We suggest lodging at one of our Savannah Vacation Homes.














Midweek Gems During Savannah Music Festival

The Savannah Music Festival has captured the hearts of music fans for years. We look forward to it the rest of the year, both locals and visitors lucky enough to have been here during past Savannah Music Festivals. Locals are inundated with out-of-town guests: old college friends and distant relations. Visitors vie for Savannah lodging. Music fans fill our Savannah Vacation Rentals.

Savannah Music Festival

See Sanctified Steel and Southern Soul at the Savannah Music Festival.

Weekend shows fill quickly, as does weekend lodging. As of this writing, the Carriage House of our Broughton Street Guest House is still available during the SMF opening weekend, but our other Savannah Vacation Rental Houses are full. It’s enough to drive a music fan to tears.

But chin up. It’s easier to find lodging during the week, just as it’s easier to get tickets to shows.  Several of our Savannah Vacation Rentals have availability during the week throughout the Savannah Music Festival. That’s good news, since some great SMF shows are scheduled for Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. For example:

  • Sanctified Steel & Southern Soul: Ruthie Foster and the Campbell Brothers play several times during opening weekend. Consider seeing them not Saturday night but Sunday March 15, afternoon or evening. They’ll be just as good.
  • Savannah Music Festival’s original Piano Showdown plays Monday, March 26, at  5:30 and 8:00 p.m.
  • Jazz Master Cedar Walton performs at 12:30 on the 26th, and the Savannah Winds Symphony takes the stage at 7:00 p.m.
  • On Tuesday the 27th, piano fans can see Sebastian Knauer at 11:00 a.m. and Kenny Barron at 12:30 p.m. That evening, there’s a celebration of Louis Armstrong by Wycliffe Gordon and Friends.

A complete performance schedule is available at Savannah Music Festival.



Savannah’s City Market

Three hundred years ago, fisherman, farmers, and merchants brought their produce and wares to Savannah’s City Market. It was the center of commerce; people came daily to trade goods and information. In many ways, it was the heart of Savannah.

Savannah City Market

Walk to the City Market from any of our Savannah Vacation Homes.

Two of the original market buildings were lost to fire prior to the 1850s, and a third was torn down after the Civil War. After two hundred years of service, yet another grand old market building was destroyed in 1954–this one lost to a wrecking ball. Yet the legacy of the Savannah City Market lived on.

The historic buildings that comprise today’s City Market are spread across four blocks in Savannah Historic Downtown District. Once again, the Savannah City Market provides a place to congregate, exchange news, and do business. Locals and visitors are drawn to this open pedestrian area filled with shops, art galleries, restaurants, and live entertainment.

Dine at Tapas By Anna, Vinnie Van Go-Go’s, or the Cafe at City Market. Enjoy the art at Jim Pennington Fine Art, the A.T. Hun Gallery, and the Stephen Kasun Gallery. Shop for clothes, sweets, cigars and books. The City Market has it all.

It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the City Market from our Savannah Vacation Rentals on Broughton Street, and about 10 minutes to walk there from our Savannah Vacation Home on West Liberty Street. Guests take advantage of the close proximity to visit it frequently for food, art, shopping, and to feel the pulse of Savannah.