Step Back In Time At A Tybee Island Lighthouse Christmas!

Tybee Island Lighthouse Christmas 2016Take a step back in time to a Christmas past during the annual Tybee Island Lighthouse Christmas tour. Visit the lighthousekeeper’s world of the 1930’s and 40’s from 7 to 9pm on December 10th and 17th, 2016!

Tybee Island Lighthouse has been a part of the Georgia shoreline in one form or another since 1736. Lighthouse keepers lived alongside the lighthouse up until 1948. Many of those charged with keeping the lighthouse lived on the grounds with both assistants and often their immediate families. Consequently, many holidays have been celebrated at the Tybee Island Light, including, of course, Christmas.

Now you can experience what it must have been like to celebrate Christmas at the Tybee Island Lighthouse! (more…)

Tybee Island Lighthouse – Guiding the Way for Over 270 Years

Tybee Island LighthouseTybee Island Lighthouse, in one incarnation or another, has helped guide ships safely to the mouth of the Savannah River since 1736.

Ordered by the Governor of the 13th colony in 1732, General James Oglethorpe, the first tower was but a day marker – meaning there was no light. Only the height of the structure’s profile on the horizon served as guide. It stood near the shore of Tybee Island, 90 feet tall and constructed of brick and cedar.

Uh oh.

A storm took this first tower in 1741, even as another, better tower was being constructed somewhat farther from shore and the potentially angry sea’s grasp. This second tower, 94 feet tall, didn’t fare much better. Within two years of its completion, wind erosion and sea encroachment made it clear that a different approach was needed – and fast. (more…)